Meet The Midwife

I was born and raised in Interior Alaska around a large, loud and loving family.  I have four sweet children (who were all born with the help of midwives) and an awesome husband who I literally could not do any of this without, Levi, my love.  My first time giving birth was so transforming, so empowering, that I began the long journey of becoming a midwife myself.  I will never forget what it is like to grow a baby, take responsibility for my health, take a proactive role, and give birth with my own choices at the forefront of my midwife's care, and that is my goal: to empower one person at a time to find their own strength, which greatly benefits the whole family throughout the child rearing years and the community beyond.  Each and every client's culture, beliefs, and faith is respected, acknowledged and advocated for in my care, no matter your background.  There is a midwife who is right for every one, and every one deserves a midwife of their own.  ~ Melanie Hansen